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#NYC Thanks to this site I just avoided becoming a real life 40 year old virgin

So first off, you’re probably wondering how in the hell does a man make it to 39 without ever having sex? I just had bad social anxiety all my life and when I was younger I was avoidant about intimacy and relationships. Eventually I felt less anxious about the thought of intimacy, but by then that anxiety was replaced by the embarrassment of being inexperienced. So I avoided it more and moved on with life.

I forget how I originally stumbled across this site. I poked through it and didnt see any success stories from men my age and thought, why bother? A bit more time passed, and convinced myself to join because I had nothing to lose after all. So I joined the site and sent out a few messages, not putting a massive amount of time into it, i thought I could win the lottery twice before i could get any girl on here to respond to my message.

I got one reply which lead nowhere, but then a week later I got a message from a woman my age saying if I was ever in Chicago she’d love to create a great sex-positive experience with me.

Our first messages back and forth were about random things, but the more we messaged the more things we found in common. But anyways, we arranged a date to meet at her place ( the day before my 40th birthday) and the waiting began!

Let me tell you, I exepcted meeting someone that you talked to online, especially with a sexual context, to be super awkward and nerve wracking but that wasn’t the case here. We both clicked really easily. In fact, we talked for around an hour before actually doing anything. But eventually, it got a bit sexual and we moved it to the back seat.

won’t get into the details but it was great!
It lasted for about half an hour, and she enjoyed herself as well. After we finished we cuddled in bed and talked for hours.  We planned a date next week to a sushi bar so I’m really looking foward to that.

Overall great experience! I cant tell you how much better i feel to finally got that monkey off my back after 39 years. Losing my virginity was the best gift I could ever ask for.


Some notes to help others:


We’re all a lot alike. Most of us have a lot of anxiety and spend a lot of time on the computer. Focus on the things that set you apart. Why are you unique and different? Try to be confident too. Confidence is sexy.


Don’t put too many limitations on your ad because you might miss out on something special. Be open minded and see what sort of opportunities present themself. At first I was like nope, never been to Toronto and don’t see myself going there. However we kept on chatting and now here I am still stunned that I had such an amazing experience that weekend. TAKE A CHANCE. Yes I know it can be scary.


DON’T BE SO DAMN THIRSTY. You can still have a fulfilling life without having had sex. Have hobbies, learn new things, improve yourself. Most importantly remember that just because you’re a virgin doesn’t make you a loser or any less special. Be sure to show yourself kindness too.