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#SanDiego Swallowed My First Virgin Load. Looking For More

I ended up arranging to meet a sweet Asian guy who said he has bad social skills and he felt like there was a huge invisible weight to him being a virgin and his peers look down uppn him. I gladly offered to help him out with a blowjob at the very least.

We met at a hotel in brooklyn on Saturday night. No drinks or coffee beforehand because I’m not really one for small talk. Straight to the bedroom to do the deed.

He was already hard by the time the pants came off. I laid him down on the bed with his organ fully at attention and lowered my mouth onto it. I gave my attention to the head, looking up at him and caressing the area surrounding the corona with my tongue. I made circle motions with my tongue, gently and purposefully, stimulating the area between the head and foreskin. And finally I pushed my tongue into the tip of his penis. He’d been giving me vivid cues of his pleasure throughout but this drove him wild. Pretty soon I brought forth a geyser.


About 15mins in, I felt strong contractions as he started to cum in my mouth. It must have been 10-20 spurts in total. I tried to hold it in but it quickly filled my mouth and pretty much forced me to swallow before the excess poured out. He wasn’t particularly big but he really wasn’t kidding about the heavy load. The taste wasn’t too bad either.

Half an hour later he was ready to go again. This time I knelt down in front of him and licked softly and carefully the entire underside of his balls and erect penis. I took in the heady aroma of his crotch, so raw and taboo. I put his penis in my mouth again and, as promised, let him place his hand on my hair and guide me deeper into his cock. I gagged as he forced his penis down my throat (I’ve deepthroated a few times before but have never been able to overcome the gag reflex). I gasped for air and my eyes filled with water, but I let him keep fucking my mouth. My reward was not far away. As I brought him closer to the edge, the head of his cock swelled. He thrust his hips forward, forced his penis down my throat as far as he could get it and came for the second time. I sucked around the corona as he climaxed to intensify the force of his orgasm.

It was another explosion. His ejaculation must have lasted for close to a minute. A lot of it went straight down my throat but most of it was splashed on my face, my hair, and my clothes. He absolutely drowned me in it. It was definitely the messiest I’ve ever had.

It took me a while to clean myself up. I could still smell his semen on my face as I left the hotel. An unforgettable evening and I hope to meet my gentleman friend again.