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#LosAngeles One Less Virgin In San Diego. I Gave Him A Night He Will Never Forget

So I met my 6th virgin on this site and had a wonderful time. He is a 33 year old gentlemen from San Diego. He said the reason he was a virgin was due to a religious upbringing where he planned on waiting until marriage. Now, though, he’s more agnostic than anything but still didn’t want to rush into sex with anyone.

So yesterday I Invited him over to my place and we ended up cuddling and making out and then I asked him if he wanted to slow down and he said no.

I was horny, and I’m generally a blunt person anyways so I asked him point blank if he was ready to have sex and he said yes.

So he payed flat on his back on my ber and I crawled on top of him. We kissed for a while and I asked him again if he was ready. He looked down at his erection and goes “ya, I think so.” We laughed and that moment really broke the tension for the both of us.

It’s like we remembered we weren’t doing some deflowering ceremony but we were two people who like each other and we’re about to bang.

It was great. His inexperience was a bonus because he follows directions like a damn soldier.

So that’s that. Maybe next time I can get him to make me cum.