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Hello everybody i am


Age: 23


About me:

Hiii. Looking for virgins Have to be clean, DDF, condoms are a must, hygienic, and polite Ideal age is around 18-30, not looking for anyone older, sorry! personal preference.

Looking for maybe a one time deal, or maybe a fwb, or someone whose willing to meet up regularly to practice with each other. I want to take this as a learning experience so don’t sweat if this ends up being awkward lol. In all honestly, I want someone who i’m comfortable with and won’t rush the process. Looking to enjoy it – even if it ends up awkward – and i hope you enjoy it too! 👍🏻

I love to do zumba (it’s so fun for some reason), try out new coffee shops and boba, and playing any kind of racquet sports! Im pretty quiet at first, but I open up really easily once the conversation starts!! I love listening to music and want to become a composer someday! (which I’m slowly working towards). I spend most of my time watching anime, kdrama, or other tv shows, so if you would like to chat about any tv shows or recommendations, feel free to pm me!

Will add on more info in the future but I look forward to hearing from you!