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#Boston Finally Got My First Piece Of P*ssy. Cant Wait For More

To be frank, I joined this site out of desperation. I was worried that my future relationships wouldn’t work if my partners found out I’m inexperienced. So I decided to take a chance with this. And YES! it paid off big time. I met a lovely girl who agreed to teach me the ropes of sex.

We both were very upfront about what we wanted, what the ground rules were, and a few hours later, here she was, at my door steps waiting to come in.

The experience was amazing and it’s something I will never forget. I highly recommended sex if you’re still a virgin lol. Sticking your dick inside a woman is a indescribable feeling.

I won’t pretend like everything went perfectly. I had troubles getting it to stay in there at first, and I accidentally almost put it n the wrong hole once or twice haha, But she understood it was my first time, she was patient with me and we kept at it, and we both got to get off in the end.
We plan to arranged to meet once a week to give me sex lessons.