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Hello everybody i am


Age: 24


About me:

I’m female. I’m obsessed with taking guys virginity. It’s usually not a one time thing but it has been in the past. I love everything about virgins, even the insecurity. It makes me feel bad often because a lot of the guys I sleep with I have no romantic interest in, I try to be up front about that though. Also, it makes me feel not ‘womanly’.

My parents use to ask if I was gay growing up all the time and my mom would call me a dike and stuff. I can’t relate to other girls because when they point out features they like in a guy I just can’t relate. They usually like very manly and assertive guys. I like very passive, sweet, shy, nervous guys. It also makes me feel predatorial. When I am horny it’s so hard to find porn that turns me on or guys that do. Because most guys who are as passive and shy as I like don’t go out much. When I do feel an attraction to someone I go for it aggressively.

One of my close friends told me I was ”like a pedophile” in a joking way, but it really bothered me because I was molested as a child and sometimes I wonder if that is why I have this fetish. Even something as normal as a guy asking to buy me a drink is a HUGE turn off to me. I have to be the one to initiate everything. I love a nervous person too. Once I see signs of nervousness (even small ones) I get so turned on. I love to tease and toy with a guy about it (in a nice way of course). This can be anything from eye shifting, to blushing, twitches, awkwardness, all just while talking. Noticing all these things and trying to further fluster a guy makes me feel predatorial… I obsessively love virgins.

It’s hard to carry on a long term relationship because I get bothered by when a guy gets use to sex and isn’t as nervous. I’ve had sex with very conventionally unattractive and over weight people, because looks aren’t a factor it depends on how they react to talking/flirting/etc. I’ve engaged in activities I didn’t even like that much just to find guys that I might be extremely nervous virgins. Like I use to play DnD, which I don’t really care for that much, but I found that at lanscenters sometimes people of that caliber will come out to play. I feel like a predator for that too. Because basically I’m lying about my interests just for sex. I do like a lot of ‘nerdy’ things in all honesty but I exploit that to try and find guys who are like this. I almost wish I could just meet a guy who was a really good actor and we could role play my fetish together…

But all the small details of someone getting nervous really turn me on. It’s a power thing but it’s also a rescue thing. I’m not dominating and I get no pleasure out of hurting people or scaring/making them feel uncomfortable. But I do get pleasure out of imagining how a guy feels for his first time with everything and seeing that reaction in how nervous he is getting. I like very gentle and sensual sex but ONLY with this specific type of guy…..if you made it this far then you must be interested, lol write me.