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Hello everybody i am


Age: 24


About me:

Hello virgin/first-timers

I’m loud and fun and bubbly and sometimes perhaps a bit intense. I enjoy meeting new people.

I tend to be drawn to calm, mellow personalities, but this is not set in stone. Just be interesting, have something fun to talk about, and be prepared to verify.

Please be over 18.  I realize that if you’re over 25 and a virgin, there’s probably a very good reason behind this. It might take some conversation and multiple meet-ups, but I’m patient and easy to talk to, and happy for us to take our time getting there.

  • I always wear mask and social distance in these desperate times!
  • Im a nudist who loves being naked.
  • I can bake a pretty good chocolate chip cookie and Liege Belgian waffle!
  • Lost 21 lbs since the pandemic and signed up for a gym recently! (boy am I sore…)
  • A bit shy and a bit nerdy, not sure if you can tell by the looks though.
  • I have a couple of cool hobbies: snowboarding, motorcycles, film photography and countless others.
  • When I get too excited I make way too many typos…