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Hello everybody i am


Age: 26


About me:

Hi all!

A bit about me, human female (versus the other types of females?). Just got out of a long term relationship, and am honestly here to fulfill those teacher student fantasies. (This does not mean underage, just in case you’ve slipped past the mods).

I’ll nerd out with you about gaming, but I worked as a model until my hip measurement went above 34 inches (food, amirite?) so you probably wouldn’t imagine I’d be here upon us meeting out in the world, stereotypes being what they are.

Ideally looking for someone who has some experience with women, maybe one who was in a relationship that just never got to the part with penetrative sex. I’m down for most things but if social anxiety keeps you from comfortably speaking to women in public, I’ve been told I can seem a bit intimidating (resting bitch face), so it might not be a good match.

Also, so nobody is wasting anyone’s time, just because you are a virgin doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear a condom. The last thing I need is somebody on here trolling for bareback and not using the sub for its intended purpose.

I’m happy to verify snap or whatever, but would rather not put anything up here unless absolutely necessary.