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#LosAngeles 18 year old introvert virgin told me he was suffering from depression, So i rode his dick to make him feel better.

So a few days ago I was back on the hunt again seeking my next virgin victim. Since I hadn’t been logged on in over a week ( due to final exams ) I had a ton of messages. I had no idea which guy to pick, But suddenly one boy message caught my eye in particular. His message title was ” depresion sucks” I opened the message and started to read it. He said he was 18, lived in The Bay Area, and that he’d remained as such because he suffers from severe self esteem, depression, and anxiety issues. So i immediately responded to offer my help.

We ended up meeting at a park near my place one evening. We walked back to my place and I told him I was going to shave his pubes for him if he wanted, bathe him, then deepthroat his cock until he came, swallow his load, teach him how to eat my pussy, then ride his cock until we both came. He was nervous but agreed to it. He asked me if he could touch my tits when we got to my place. I said sure, and as soon as we arrived, I took my top off and let him touch me. As he caressed my boobs, I slid my hand down his shorts and pulled his boycock out. It was just as small as it had looked in the pics, but he was as hard as he could be. I felt bad about shaving him beforehand, so I said let’s switch things up. I started making out with him then walked him into my bedroom. There, I laid down on my back and pulled him on top of me, and slid my shorts off (I wasn’t wearing any panties). I put his cock inside my pussy and told him to have at it. He thrusted me awkwardly at first but soon found a rhythm. Shortly thereafter, I felt him cum in my pussy, but he pretended he hadn’t and kept going, eventually he got soft and stopped. I stood up and walked him into the bathroom and had him sit on the ledge of my bathtub and trimmed his pubes for him. Then I gave him a bath (and a handjob with it), and once he was dried off and hard, I got on my knees and sucked his freshly shaven cock.

I let him fuck my mouth a little, and then walked him back to my bedroom. This time I laid him down on his back and rode him. I felt him cum in me again as I rode him but this time he didn’t go soft after so I just kept riding him. I rode him until I was satisfied (and came) then hopped off and laid down next to him. He asked if he could suck my tits and I let him, then slowly guided his head down to my pussy eventually and had him eat me out and make me cum again. As soon as I did, I pushed his head away and pulled his boycock back inside me.

We spent the better part of the next two hours with his boycock inside my pussy and mouth. He finally wore out and laid down next to me I asked him if he still thought his cock was too small. He said no. I told him to take that confidence and start meeting more girls.